Neither privatization of the economy nor the glamour associated with IT-MBA have been able to corrode the gleam and power of the Indian the Indian Civil Services. The number joining the IAS bandwagon has not dwindled a bit, rather more and more youth is getting into the process of preparing to get selected in the services.

Number of candidates who had applied for

  • the 2017 UPSC prelims exam:10 lakhs (approx.),
  • the 2016 UPSC prelims exam: 11.36 lakhs.
  • the 2015 UPSC prelims exam: 10 lakhs.

With more than 25 services, Indian Civil Services forms the strong framework of governance in India which is responsible for enforcing the law & order, drafting & implementing policies, conceiving projects and is instrumental in the revenue administrations.

While playing a pivotal role in bringing change in the societal scenario, an Officer keeps climbing the bureaucratic ladder which gives him an opportunity to head the multitudinous Government departments. These departments range from tourism to education, higher education to urban infrastructure, agriculture to public works and so on.

Thus, being recruited in Indian Civil services is much more than any white collar job. It offers the officers with an unique opportunity with constructive challenges and high growth prospects.

There is no second thought to the fact that, the recruitment process for such prestigious and responsible positions is tough. But it is also a fact that this exam is not insurmountable. With the right guidance, aptitude, attitude and consistent hard work, you can come out with flying colors and land your dream job!

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Expert faculty

Learn from the teachers with attractive educational/professional backgrounds and with vast experience of tutoring thousands of aspirants in various esteemed universities and organizations.

How To Take Notes

Students are taught and helped with how to make notes from the reference books as well as printed notes. A well drafted synopsis and summary helps grasp and remember the subjects better. Mind maps and other techniques for better memorization are also taught!

In-service officers’ guidance

What can be better than the in-service officers who have fared successful in the exams guiding you at regular intervals? This gives you an insight into the services and well as their tricks which helped them come out with flying colors.

Personal attention

Each student gets guidance as we understand the fact that each aspirant is different and hence needs tailor made guidance. We prefer to track and monitor the progress of the respective student. We provide with personalized consultations and query solving so as to ease the process of learning for students.
A survey with a sample size of 1000 students suggested that over 90% students studying for UPSC complained of getting no personal attention or guidance on how to prepare for the exam!

Mental Approach

Attitude being the most important part of any quest, we believe and focus on helping our students to have the right mental approach for consistent & dedicated studying. Techniques to increase focus and concentration are separately taught taking into account the problems with limited attention span of students. Stress management is an integral part of our course. Furthermore, we believe in focusing upon the personality development from day 1 of preparation which comes very handy for the interviews in specific.

Topic wise fixed class schedules

We share a detailed topic wise class schedule at term commencement to help you plan your ' pre and out of classroom' study well. As per student interactions, it is estimated that over 80% students struggle with strategizing their prep plans!

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