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Waiting for perfect is never smart as making progress.


It is often seen that humans want everything to be well done or be in its perfect sense. Individuals believe that being perfect for the world is what matters the most. This is where all humans make mistake. One should understand that being perfect is not what matters always. Rather it is the efforts we put in and the progress that we achieve by each passing day.

Striving for perfection leads to finding of faults in each and every little things that we do. This leads to procrastination and also leaves behind the feeling that we can’t do anything better. Perfection is not always the right attitude while working in a group. Making everything perfect will result in disputes and incomplete work. It is possible that because of a particular person others don’t feel their worth as their ideas were not a good contribution in the group work. They get so lost in their work that they forget about others worth or that their opinion matters.

One should understand that it is not about being perfect. It is about making progress as and when the opportunity arises. Progress is about moving forward in a well-paced manner without the fear of failure or knocking things over. It is about accepting failures and embracing them. No one in this world is perfect. We all are humans and it’s the human tendency to make mistakes. Rather than felling dejected, we should get up and try again.

Achieving great things takes a lot of effort. Nailing it in first try is very rare and even if we don’t it doesn’t mean that it’s time to give up. Same things apply in every field be it sports, studies, starting a new business no matter what. For example, look at P.V. Sindhu. In order to become the first gold winning woman badminton champion, she had to put in a lot of efforts. Even after her last two tries, she did not give up. She practised hard and put in little effort daily. She trained consistently to achieve this feat. In this way, students should also deal with their studies. Putting daily efforts by practising what they learned, they can surely score good marks in their exams.

Making progress is necessary. With progress a level of perfection or its sense can be achieved. Once something is perfected, one should not stop because there always room for perfection. Building something great is about being patient and learning through the process. There should be room for errors as everything does no go according to the plan as always. Even if some things are not going as per our expectations, we should change our mind set and reset our expectations.

People who aim to be perfect are often those who are afraid of criticism or rejection. Such a mind state is not ideal in today’s world. It doesn’t matter if you are not perfect. What matters is that you tried your best and are ready to try again. It also matters that we should put ourselves in an environment where progress matters over perfection because if you are in a group of perfectionists who fear rejection from others, your mind set changes too. But if you are with people who give more importance to progress, are not affected by peoples’ criticism, you too will become one of them.

Believe it or not, no one wants to be with a perfectionist. For them, nothing is perfect unless it is their way of thinking or organizing. A little level of perfection is okay but once it exceeds a certain limit, it is too much for others to take in. Like, in a relationship if everything is made to be look perfect, it may not be the case. Relationships are supposed to have some ups and downs and the relationship progresses by being together not matter what. That is what makes a relationship beautiful. Everything will not be according to plans and one’s peace of mind.

It is the process that matters the most and not the final product. If we focus a lot on the end result, it is possible that we might not be able to even achieve the same. We will be constantly in a daze that the final product is the most perfect thing out there and change our priorities while hurting others in the process. Our focus should be on the process all the while keeping or priorities in check. By focusing on the process, we ultimately make room for discussions, failures that may occur and new ideas to be generated which will help us in improving the final product. If our priorities are sorted out everything will follow smoothly.

Everyone is different and unique. Things may be easy out there for some people. For some everything may be perfect. This doesn’t mean that others have everything in order too. They have to try their best to achieve something. And, it is okay to try and make little progress daily rather than crying about someone’s perfect life. We never know, their perfect instagram pictures may be hiding the real dark pictures of their lives. Trying to achieve something is okay unless and until you don’t give up.

Although being perfect is not a bad thing, it often denies them of learning something new. They feel the pressure of the society more than anyone else. They constantly feel the need of changing something again and again unless and until it is at its perfect sense. They often feel rejected if their perfection is not appreciated. Researchers have linked perfectionism to anxiety, depression and eating disorders. The trait of perfectionism is common among people with obsessive compulsive disorders. Or it could also be the reason of peoples’ expectation on them.

But even after all this, perfectionists get their things done and do it as perfect as possible for them and achieve great things and heights through all the hardships, a fact which cannot be denied. Perfectionists do make mistakes but they try their best to overcome them so that their final goals are not affected in any way.

We should focus on getting started and taking actions. If we face any difficulty, we should break it down to its core and not get affected by it. We should never worry about making mistakes. Rather it would be much bigger mistake to procrastinate. Everything will be better if one is striving to improve, develop and believe in oneself everyday.


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