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Some quick points to help while preparing for MPSC:

  • Read the syllabus carefully- You should know the syllabus of exam you are preparing. Prelims syllabus for every MPSC exam is more or less similar, Every Exam has a different syllabus for Mains Exams, . PSI Mains has stress on Human Rights, Acts etc. while STI Mains on Indian Economy and so on.
  • Previous Year Question Papers- You can get a good idea of Questions being asked in MPSC Exams by analysing Previous Year Question Papers. You may also benefit if some questions are repeated again.
  • Start from the basic books- When you understand syllabus and analyse Previous Year Question Papers, move on to actual preparation. You should start from the basic books like NCERT & State Board Books. You get conceptual clarity from these books. Also some questions are directly asked from these books.
  • Current Affairs- Prepare current affairs regularly, as it is a major part of syllabus. Read newspapers regularly. Try to make current affairs notes yourself. Loksatta, MaTa, Sakal are considered good source for MPSC Exams.
  • Standard Books- Instead of reading many books for one subject, stick to one (or two) standard book for one subject.
  • Practice Question Papers- This is a very important step in your preparation. To get an idea of your preparation level, start practising mock question papers. This will also help you for time management. Know your weak areas and focus on those. Prepare when you practice and practice when you prepare.
  • Strategically arrange your time: Arrange a study routine beforehand, allotting time for every subject.
  • Solve sample question papers on mathematics: Sample question papers offers an inspiration concerning the topics, the quality expected, and also the skills needed. Observe and solve issues extensively.
  • Read completely different articles: The additional you browse different articles the additional it'll facilitate in prying the comprehension section. It’ll facilitate to accumulate speed and preciseness, 2 key skills required to try to do well during this section.
  • Practice regularly: The sections on knowledge Analysis & Sufficiency and Intelligence & vital Reasoning is also new you. These square measure additional difficult than troublesome. Bear the sample papers fastidiously and makes notes of the quirks concerned.
  • Improve your general awareness: The Indian and world atmosphere section take a look at your general awareness. Extensively follow the news dailies and magazines, watch news channels and browse the net to stay updated with these affairs associated with completely different national and international avenues. Solve as several papers as attainable.

Enhance your speed and accuracy: initial, solve papers subject-wise, and maintaining stipulated time-limit. Thereafter, solve a complete model paper or a previous paper to envision if you'll end in time. Though speed is a crucial side, accuracy is predominating. Intensive observe helps you deliver the goods each.

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